Top 6 Tips And Tricks Ramadan


Top 10 Tips And Tricks Ramadan

Top 10 Tips And Tricks Ramadan 

This is it. Come June 5 (or June 6, depending on the moon), the holy month begins. It's a time met with great anticipation, excitement, and a bit of apprehension. And, like last year, the summer solstice falls on Ramadan. That's over 16 hours of fasting -- no eating and no drinking. As Ramadan approaches, I find myself asking, How did I do this last year? Looking back, I try to assess where the month could've gone better and how to make it a bit easier. There are a few lessons all young Muslims had to learn their first few years of fasting (i.e. do not over eat after iftar because you will regret it) and we each gathered a few tips and tricks over the years, whether from experience or from family and friends. So here are some of the tips and tricks I've gathered to help you make it through Ramadan.

1. Don't eat junk food or sweets before fajr prayer.

Junk food doesn't keep you full and sweet only make you hungrier faster. Every year, I struggle with the question of what to eat for suhoor. I don't have an appetite that early in the morning and I know that, at some point, people just want to sleep through suhoor. Personally, I get tried of eating the same thing every suhoor, so I alternate between eating rice and sandwiches. Also, certain condiments, such as guacamole or peanut better, tend to keep you full.

2. Limit time outside

This summer promises to be hot, and the last thing you want to do is dehydrate yourself. So limit your time outside during the day if you can help it.

3. Avoid Instagram and cooking shows.

For whatever reason, Ramadan is the only time of year I want to watch cooking shows, despite the fact that it makes me hungrier. Resist the temptation to look at pictures of food. Hence, you might also consider avoiding Instagram for a little while, since there are always tons of pictures of food on there.

4. Shower when it's close to iftar.

This might sound a bit odd, but during Ramadan, if I shower when it's not close to iftar, I get really thirsty. I assume this is because I take warm/hot showers, and the steam/heat dehydrates me. So I try to shower later in the day, closer to sunset, to avoid feeling thirsty.

5. Dedicate the time you're not eating to a hobby.

It always surprises me how much time there seems to be in the day when you're not eating. Put all those extra hours to good use and try picking up a new hobby or revisit an old one. It helps time go by faster.

6. Drink water slowly after iftar

When the days are long and hot, the first thing you want to do after iftar is chug down a whole bottle of water. Again, resist the temptation. Drinking too much water too fast isn't good for you, and what's more is it fills you up and leaves little room for dinner.


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